Hellur Records


HR001: Sharks Without Teeth Demo

HR002: Hospital / Sharks Without Teeth Split

HR003: Hellur Records Fall Sampler

HEVC001: Hardbeat - London Destroys // London Builds

HR004: Jawr - s/t

HR005: Keefer Kimbrell - Songs About That One Girl

HEVC002: Winter '14

HEVC003: Molly Drag - Deeply Flawed

HEVC004: Mixtape Minus - We're Mixtape Minus, Who the Hell Are You?

HEVC005: I Still Call You My Friend

HEVC006: Metro / Cat Posters Split

HEVC007: Candy - Wrapped In Plastic

HEVC008: Cat Posters - Stoop Kid Never Leaves His Stoop

HEVC009: Statutes / Castaway Split

HEVC010: Euphoria Again - The Mouse Rides On

HEVC011: ACAB Rocky / Molly Drag Split

HEVC012: High Sunn / Teen Love Split

HEVC013: Comp 4 Rainn

HEVC014: Kid Teeth - Take A Joke

HEVC015: Poetry In Bloom - Muslim Cartography

HEVC016: Ghoulish - Fuck Em 2000

HEVC017: Easter. / Mixtape Minus

HEVC018: Ghoulavelii - Horchata & Hennessy

HEVC019: Ghoulavelii - Horchata & Hennessy 2

HEVC020: Metro - Doom Orleans

HEVC021: A Compilation for Bernie Sanders

HEVC022: The Best Way To Go (Deluxe Reissue)

HEVC023: Ghoulavelii - Sleazy Season

HEVC024: Home Movies - SWISH

HEVC025: JOOS - I Don't Like Being Alone

HEVC026: High Sunn - The Night Where Everything Felt Bland


HEVC028: Evan. - I Think She's Dead

HEVC029: Easter. - We Have Such Straight Teeth

HEVC030: Buje Mane - I Quit

HEVC031: Jack The Spitter - HHIH